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Scottish Labour’s electoral decline did not begin in September

It is with much bemusement I have noted some of the comments surrounding post-referendum Scottish politics.  Apparently, overnight, Labour in Scotland suddenly collapsed.  From the natural party of government to the opposition at an almost flick of the switch speed. Despite … Continue reading

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The Plot Thickens: First swords drawn in Scottish #GE2015

Three days ago I blogged here on six front-runners in the SNP candidacy selection process. It appears someone would like one of the candidates’ chances as limited as possible. This morning I received, anonymously, through the post a photocopied newspaper … Continue reading

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SNP Front-Runners for the General Election

With around four months to go it looks like this year’s general election in the UK could be one of the most exciting in decades. Nationwide the Labour Party and the Tories are almost level in the polling, UKIP still … Continue reading

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