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The SNP’s quiet revolution in its approach to devolution

Devolution, devolution and more devolution. It is the order of the day.   Yet it is not a new phenomenon in our country’s politics. Administrative devolution began in 1885 and was followed, eventually, by legislative devolution in 1999. The arguments … Continue reading

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The conspiracy theorists are wrong: Sturgeon doesn’t secretly want Brexit

The Prime Minister has launched the referendum and in just four months Britain’s membership of the European Union will be on the line. Europe could break and so could another union, the union between Scotland and the rest of the United … Continue reading

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Despite some bad apples in the group the SNP’s MPs are the party’s brightest stars

It was the morning after the night before. The referendum was over. A politician, his generation’s finest, stands in front of a microphone on an Edinburgh podium. He looks out to a sea of ‘Yes’ signs and saltires.   No, … Continue reading

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Scottish Labour’s tax plans will hurt most Scots and their own campaign

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale set out her party’s plans today to stop the need for government spending cuts with income tax rises. Under her plans the Scottish Rate of Income Tax would rise by 1% across the board. This means Scotland’s income … Continue reading

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