SNP Minister’s Office Manager: WFI Are Bullies and Natalie McGarry Is Innocent


Shona McAlpine

In an extraordinary Facebook rant to her 2000 ‘friends’ Shona McAlpine has called Women For Independence (WFI) bullies and that embattled SNP MP Natalie McGarry is innocent.

McAlpine is office manager to prominent Scottish Government minister Humza Yousaf MSP.

Shona McAlpine

Questions are emerging from today’s news. When was SNP HQ  informed of the impending allegations of wrongdoing by one of their MPs,  7 SNP candidates and a SNP branch convener who all signed the statement?

The allegations centre on funds collected via a PayPal account linked to ‘crowdfunding’ initiatives.

Natalie McGarry MP says she is not guilty of any wrongdoing and has hired leading lawyer Aamer Anwar to represent her.

WFI National Committee in happier times, March 2014. Shona McAlpine and Natalie McGarry in attendance.



4 thoughts on “SNP Minister’s Office Manager: WFI Are Bullies and Natalie McGarry Is Innocent”

  1. I don`t like McGarry, I don`t like the SNP but it has to said……………this has Leckie`s fingerprints ALL over it….

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