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Revealed – The Scottish Government and NATO’s Communications

It was currency unions not military unions which fuelled debate in the final weeks of the independence referendum. Every now and again, however, defence would be raised as a referendum issue. On every occasion the same two arguments from the … Continue reading

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The 20 Women For Independence Members That Called In Police Scotland

Leading today’s news agenda in Scotland is the unraveling tale of financial mismanagement at the pro-independence campaign Women For Independence (WFI). The initial first grumblings of trouble were unearthed by the Daily Record’s David Clegg. Since then Clegg has uncovered … Continue reading

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The Ulsterisation of Scottish Politics

    Comparisons to Northern Ireland always make some people uncomfortable. Whether it’s the rampant sectarianism, its murderous past or the area’s harsh accent it seems Scots don’t like being compared to our close neighbours. Yet we share not only … Continue reading

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SNP and cannabis: will openness lead to the devolution of drug laws?

With further devolution talks under way many areas of public policy is being scrutinised by academics, politicians and journalists. Devolution is a messy and confused business. For instance, Westminster accidentally devolved Antarctica (seriously). But on more serious matters many of … Continue reading

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